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Nordic NRF24L01--How to confirm Cont_Wave mode

PostPosted: Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:22 pm
by davethomaspilot
I posted this same question on the Sparkfun wireless forum, but Mr. Brennan seems to be the expert on the Nordic chips...

I've using the NRF24l01 in several applications. I'm trying to do antenna tuning using the CONT_WAVE feature of the chip. See attachment "RF_Test_Inst..." for how it's done.

Ubiquiti products include an "AirView" mode, which provides functionality similar to a spectrum analyzer. So, I was hoping to use the spectrum analyzer mode to see signal strength variation as I "tuned" the antenna by trimming a pcb trace, or varying cap/inductor values.

Unfortunately, I can't see the transmitted carrier. I have a thread going on the subject on the Ubiquiti site--the community exists the tool should show the signal if it's indeed there. ... d-p/460795

Finally the question. Has anyone successfully used CONT_WAVE mode? Is anybody aware of a way I can use a second Nordic transceiver to detect a carrier transmitted by another Nordic transceiver?

I've used a second transceiver to confirm data is being transmitted, but that isn't seen by the AirVew tool. Perhaps because it's "on air" such a short period of time it's too "bursty" for the spectrum analyzer show. (That was the motivation for using continuous carrier mode).


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Re: Nordic NRF24L01--How to confirm Cont_Wave mode

PostPosted: Fri Jun 28, 2013 4:42 pm
by davethomaspilot
Got it working--

But, no sure the Ubiquiti tool will help with transmitter tuning. Haven't given up, though.

Dave Thomas