Pin connection of nRF24lo1 need Help???

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Pin connection of nRF24lo1 need Help???

Postby khanz004 » Wed Nov 25, 2009 11:46 pm

I am totally nRF24l01 virgin :P .....i need help with connecting nRF24l01 transceiver to demo9s08ll16 board's i/0 pins..... i looked at datasheet but still cant get it, its confusing and there are 40 pins.....for example when connecting MOSI of transiver to the board there are two pins, one at 42 and another at 28 they both have the MOSI name; now which one has to be selected.... any help will be great :idea: .... i included the data sheet of MCU im using....thx :D

demo9s08ll16 data sheet page 5 has the pin connection information: ... 08LL16.pdf

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Re: Pin connection of nRF24lo1 need Help???

Postby brennen » Mon Nov 30, 2009 2:05 pm

That datasheet doesn't have any register descriptions in it. You need to find the one that has them in order to really do anything useful with the chip. It looks like in the datasheet that there is some kind of register that allows you to pick an alternate setting for the GPIO pins. You would have to change this register for the pin you wanted your SPI pins to appear on. Just keep in mind that you would only want to set it up on one of the pins for each signal.
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